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How to Sleep with Long Hair
How to Sleep with Long Hair

No matter whether you have straight strands or bouncy curls, no one likes to fall asleep waking up to a tangled mess and damaged strands. Or what about waking up to that pricey blow out all demolished? Anyone with long hair knows waking up to an unmanageable mess is an absolute nightmare.

Long Hair? You Should Care

Those of us with hair extensions or color treatments make huge efforts to maintain healthy tresses. But did you know that you can cause damage simply by sleeping? Many women put in the effort to protect their strands from heat damage or split ends. So it is surprising that few know how to prevent breakage while they sleep.

woman with long brown hair

So, how to sleep with long hair the best way then? 

Best Tips on How To Sleep With Long Hair

Don't sleep with wet hair

Sleeping with wet hair overnight is something that should never be done. Long hair is at its weakest when it is wet, which causes strands to stretch and break. If you combine wet locks with the friction caused by pulling long hair into a high bun, breakage is almost guaranteed with damp hair.

woman blow drying hair

How to sleep with long hair safely

Try your best to protect your tresses by making sure you are able to dry it completely before going to bed. It's not always possible to go to bed with completely dry hair. But do make an effort to use a hair dryer to get it at least 75% dry. Use a few drops of Argan oil or other heat protectant as a protective layer against blow dry heat. These products should help tame frizz as well.

Not all pillowcases are created equal

Cotton pillowcases are a huge culprit of breakage and should be avoided. Given the choice between a silk or satin pillowcase, always choose silk. Only a silk pillow case will give you unrivaled protection when you sleep with long hair.

woman with silk pillowcase

Avoid breakage: Always use protection

One of the main causes of split ends is friction. When your strands rub against a pillowcase, it creates tiny tears in the shaft which leads to split ends. To prevent this, invest in a good silk pillowcase. Silk is infinitely smoother than cotton and will minimize damage.

Using a silk pillowcase will greatly reduce friction as you sleep. It will also seal moisture and lock in the essential nutrients that your follicles need to remain strong and healthy. Using a silk pillowcase will guarantee the same effect no matter your hair type. Now that's how to sleep with long hair

Prepping to Prevent Hair Damage

Despite what you've been told, avoid brushing before bed. This will only cause you to damage and break your strands further. Instead, use a wide toothed comb to gently detangle your locks before you go to sleep.

no brushing before bed

Apply hair oil to add a further layer of protection before tying it in a loose ponytail or a loose braid.

Protect that scalp

Avoid hair clips and a tight top bun at all cost before bed. And never, ever, tie your locks into a sock bun. Tight hairstyles are one of the worst ways to damage your hair shaft and scalp overnight.

Proceed with caution when it comes to pulling back your hair, even during the daytime. Don't wear it too tight. And avoid unnecessary accessories or holding products like hair spray. These can cause hair loss and damage to the follicle when combined with friction.

tight bun

Careful what you use to hold back your tresses. Silk scrunchies will seal in those hair oils that we produce naturally that are oh-so-good for your scalp.

Say Goodnight to Damaged Hair

When you wake up in the morning, carefully free your long hair. Avoid yanking or pulling as this will only serve to damage it. Use a light touch and take your time as you work the silk scrunchie free.

Once your locks are free, give it a light brush with a soft bristled brush or your fingers to smooth it out. If you're in a hurry, you can also mist your strands with a leave-in conditioner or detangler and comb it through quickly.

woman with purple silk scrunchie

Blissy Knows Is Here for Your Long Hair

Blissy offers three amazing options that are perfect for holding your tresses at night. Tie hair loosely using a Blissy oversized silk scrunchie to gather your locks into a loose bun. If a low ponytail is your preference, a regular sized silk scrunchie will do. For loose braids, a couple of Blissy silk skinnies will do the trick. 

Feeling more confident about how to sleep with long hair now? Get your Blissy goodies to  give it a try! 


How to Sleep with Long Hair

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