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Pamper Yourself With The Spa Headband You Didn't Even Know You Needed
Pamper Yourself With The Spa Headband You Didn't Even Know You Needed

Spa Headbands for a Luxe Spa Experience

Spas are a great way to relax and rejuvenate but they can be expensive and time consuming. A spa headband is the perfect way to bring the spa experience home with you. It's a great way to add a little bit of luxury to your everyday routine.

Soft mulberry silk spa headbands make your same 'ol everyday skincare and beauty routines seem chic and glamorous. When you decide to give yourself some extra TLC, don't forget that it's the little details that make all the difference.

woman wearing taupe beauty band

What are spa headbands?

A simple but genius headband designed to keep your hair out of the way so you can focus on enjoying a decadent spa-like moment. Spa headbands, skincare headbands, or a makeup headband are super soft, thick hair bands designed to keep all hair types out of the way while applying your favorite skincare or makeup routine.

The best part? A spa headband is super soft and comfortable, so it feels like a little getaway every time you use it. If you're looking for a way to de-stress and pamper yourself, you need this hair band!

woman holding white spa headband

Material matters, search carefully

A spa headband can be made from a common fabric like terry cloth. These headbands can hold hair back but they damage hair through friction and absorb moisture. (Including whatever products you are using in your hair or skin.)

Cheap terry cloth spa headbands hold hair back with a stretchy elastic band. But be careful. Many styles are designed quite small and aren't great if you have a thicker hair type.

Try a functional material

Unless you are intentionally mess up your hair, pass on the terry cloth. We prefer luxurious silk fabric for ours, thank you very much. Not all materials are created equal and super soft 22-momme 100% mulberry silk is the only fabric going anywhere near our hair.

white silk makeup headband

Won't a hair band be uncomfortable?

Nope. Not the Blissy Beauty Band which uses an adjustable velcro closure to secure all hair types and all hair styles. We like a velcro closure because it's easily adjustable. and secure. Don't worry, it won't be sliding off your head.

A cuteΒ makeupΒ headband can make all the difference

Your beauty routine gets elevated when you set the tone and choose to wear something so elegant. The Blissy Head Piece is another silk headband we love. It's a special hair band that can be used as a spa headband or worn as a fashion accessory. Fun and chic!

Spa and Skincare Headbands Elevate Your Routine

If you're like most women, you probably have a beauty routine that you stick to religiously. But even if you're doing everything right, there's always room for improvement.

makeup headband for beauty routine

Pull hair back before washing face!

Put on a spa headband and treat yourself like the queen you are. Washing your face and applying makeup can be an act of self-care. It can add a sense of calm to your day or help you feel more awake. Trust the process, your mental health will thank you.

Adding a few luxurious steps to your skincare routine can make you feel pampered and help you relax

Here are some ideas we like to pair our spa headband with

  1. Face masks to add an extra element of relaxation to our skincare routine. Choose one that suits your skin type and needs, and take the time to apply it evenly. Then, sit back and relax for 15-20 minutes while the mask does its work.
  2. Jade roller. Simply roll the jade stone over your faceβ€”the coolness of the stone can help reduce inflammation and puffiness while the rolling motion helps improve circulation.
  3. Use an eye cream: Eye creams can help hydrate and brighten the delicate skin around your eyes.

tie-dye silk spa headband

Add Glamour and Comfort, Feel Content

Adding a little extra glamour to your skincare routine can do wonders for your self-esteem at any age. Whether you're prepping for a night out or cleaning your face after that fun night, take time to pamper yourself. Beauty and style are states of mind that are yours for the taking.

So don't forget to give yourself some love! Skincare is self-care, and taking care of yourself should be a top priority.

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