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The Best Travel Pillowcase: Stop Sleeping on Hotel Pillowcases
The Best Travel Pillowcase: Stop Sleeping on Hotel Pillowcases

Here’s a term you probably haven’t heard of: leisure sickness. Doctors are familiar with it. If you find yourself travelling a lot, then you’re familiar with it, too—though you may not know it. In plainer terms, if you think you get sick more often when you travel, you’re not imagining it. While many remedies for leisure sickness exist, we’d like to propose an unlikely one: a silk travel pillowcase.

The Case for Silk Travel Pillowcases

In the early days of plane travel, Art Deco-style posters highlighted the glamor of riding on planes. Back then, few people used a plane to go from location to location. Even fewer people probably thought about how germy planes (and airports and hotels) are.

But germy they are, according to Discover Magazine.

Staph infection and E. coli love airplanes. They stick to plane seats, armrests, window shades, and pretty much every place else your body touches.

And they stay there for days.

Yeah. We know. Gross.

You’ll probably think twice now before you lean your head against a plane window to take a nap. If you think the furnishings in your hotel room is any cleaner, it isn’t.

woman sleeping on airplane

Silk: Your Ticket to Security and Support When You Travel

For many people, a silk pillowcase seems like a 5-star-hotel luxury.

Here’s the truth. While the linen on the bed in a 5-star hotel may have a high thread count, you’re not likely to find a silk pillow case of any kind.

Here’s another truth. If your hotel doesn’t offer you a silk pillow case, it’s in your best interest to bring one for you and your family, including for your toddler. Silk naturally possesses antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties.

All of this is to say that silk’s microfibers may qualify as your secret weapon against leisure sickness. You'll find using a travel neck pillow and silk travel pillowcase are a must for sanitary accessories.

Certainly, it beats sleeping on overbleached scratchy hotel pillowcases. Your hotel has to get the germs out of their pillow case somehow. Enter bleach.

overbleached hotel linens

Protecting Your Health, Hair, and Skin With a Travel Pillowcase

It might be a good time to point out that sleeping on bleachy, scratchy pillowcases can’t be good for your skin and hair (aside from just being gross to sleep on).

This is mostly scratchy and annoying, though your skin and strands will take a beating. Lack of sleep plus a scratchy, bleachy pillow case equals a bad hair and skin day.

What To Look for When Shopping for a Silk Travel Pillowcase

A silk travel pillow pillowcase solves these problems. Silk is far less abrasive than other materials. When shopping for one, we recommend 100% mulberry silk. This top-quality material is hypoallergenic and durable, making it ideal for travelling. It also has amazing beauty benefits for hair and skin. It also has a far tighter weave than other materials.

This feature allows the hair and the skin to retain their natural oils, resulting in lovelier hair and skin in the morning. Travel pillows and pillowcases are also small, so they don’t take up much room in your suitcase. The front pocket is an excellent place to store it.

baby blue silk travel pillowcase

Travel Pillow Case Sizing

Silk pillowcases come in every size including standard, king, and queen size. They also come in youth and toddler sizes. If you purchase a 13"x18" toddler pillowcase, it will fit most travel pillows. Make sure to measure your travel pillow before purchasing a travel pillow case, as there's no guarantee that all travel pillowcases are the same size.

Of course, if you don't plan on bringing a travel pillow, you'll likely want to bring a standard-sized silk pillowcase to cover your hotel pillow.

Now, that’s a solution for leisure sickness (and bedhead) that we think you can get behind.

The Best Travel Pillowcase: Stop Sleeping on Hotel Pillowcases
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