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Asian Hair: Best Hair Styles and Hair Care Tips
Asian Hair: Best Hair Styles and Hair Care Tips

There are different types of Asian hair, from straight to wavy, and each type has its own unique characteristics. To keep your Asian tresses looking its best, it's important to know how to care for it properly and style it in a way that accentuates your natural beauty.

Not all Asian hair is the same. Asian hair, its textures, and ways it grows is as diverse as its multi-cultural population.

Remember, Human Hair Growth is Diverse

Please consider diverse ethnic hair properties as you style yourself or others. There are many, many diverse ethnic groups that fall under the umbrella of "Asian". As such, Asian hair displays vastly different types and textures.

That said, let's look at some hairstyles and care tips that may work for you if you are Asian. 

5-Gorgeous Asian Hairstyles for Women with Straight Hair

Straight Asian tresses are highly versatile and can be worn many ways. Since the way in which you wear your locks can drastically alter your appearance, we've prepared some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

1. All natural, long, and straight

asian hairstyle woman

Sometimes the best things in life are simple and this style is simplicity at its best. Let your tresses flow freely for a refined yet effortless look. With this look it's important that your hair stays bouncy and clean for a voluminous look. Greasy and limp is a hard no.

straight and long

Whether your personal style is sexy and glamorous or sweet and preppy, center parted and long is a low maintenance style that looks good on most women. To finish your look, we recommend using a boar's hair brush to control flyaways and to get that brilliant salon shine.

2. Short and sweet with fringe

short asian hairstyle woman

A short look can be playful yet very feminine at the same time. This is a style that is fresh and charming and easy to maintain. This hairstyle suits summer and autumn because it'll keep you feeling light yet looking chic at the same time.

3. Lightened for dramatic effect

lightened blonde

Changing your hair color is one way to really transform. Lightening your dark mane will change your appearance in ways you might never have expected. It's depending on how light you decide to go. Blonde might look great on you but expect to be in the salon frequently.

4. Braided beautifully


Braided hairstyles aren't just for prairie girls anymore. Braided styles are romantic and the epitome of femininity. A modernized braided look creates an elevated look while keeping strands out of your face, brilliant! It may take a lot of practice to get these styles. But if you enjoy the look, it'll be worth the effort! 

5. Different bangs, different vibe

curtain bangs

Soft, full curtain bangs provide a natural, soft elegance. We love that they shape the face in a very gentle, feminine way. Curtain bangs work especially well if you have straight Asian hair as they fall into place naturally. They also work well with all lengths, so try them any time you want to update your look.

blunt bangs

Bold blunt bangs will bring the whimsical drama. Blunt bangs can be styled to look high fashion and chic or playful and girly. Experiment with different lengths to see what suits you, you might be surprised by the results. 

It's How You Care for Asian Hair that Matters

Although relatively straight hair is easy to care for, Asian hair fibers can still break and become brittle if not properly cared for. Pay especially close attention if you have chemically treated hair.

Asian hair can also be curly and frizzy 

What works for one hair type may not work for another due to length, volume or texture. The same goes for products—what works for one person may not work for you.

Silk for hair and scalp care

Perhaps it is no coincidence that silk was first used in East Asia because silk is the only fabric that should be allowed to touch your hair. If having beautiful, healthy locks is important to you, make sure to invest in high quality 100% mulberry silk pillowcases and silk scrunchies for sleep at night.

Protect your Asian hair while you sleep

Silk is the only fabric that helps hair retain it's natural sheen and moisture. It's also the only fabric that won't snag and break strands. So you'll be able to stop worrying about those pesky breaks from tight ponytails.

Maintaining beautiful bouncy, shiny Asian hair that is strong and resistant to breakage is extremely important. Please treat your locks and yourself with love and care.

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