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This is exactly the perfect silky pillowcase for my new pillow. I have been sleeping better and my hair seems to look better in the morning. It washed and dried with no wrinkles. All the other silky cases I ordered were totally wrinkled. This is the second one I ordered because I also love the hidden zipper.

Goldie O

I love this pillowcase. It actually does such a good job of rubbing up against my face at night it has reduced my acne on my right cheek embarrassingly well. It makes my hair look so much better because it doesn't tangle as much. It feels sleek and looks absolutely fabulous. Be careful cleaning it though, it can leech dye if left in water for too long. When you wash it you want to be through, quick, and let it air-dry. I'm buying a second one because winter will make air-drying take longer. Even if the maintenance is a little tougher than usual I think it's worth all it's benefits.


For me, there are no pillow cases quite as comfortable, in all seasons and temperatures, as are those of 100% silk. These, from BLISSY, are no exception. The silk fabric is perfect, the zippers reliable and washing and drying them in the machines (with the delicates of course) works just fine. I got nearly 5 years of wear out of my current, but somewhat worn, silk cases and reasonable expect about the same wear out of these. Do yourself a favor. Silk pillow cases - They really ARE different!

Donna R.



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