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Envelope Pillow Case or Zipper Pillow Case: Which Is Best?
Envelope Pillow Case or Zipper Pillow Case: Which Is Best?


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Before we jump into the pros and cons of zippered closures versus envelope closures, we want to answer a question many people have. What's the difference between a pillow cover and a pillow case?

In some cases, you may have seen these two terms used interchangeably. In other cases, they may seem to mean different things entirely. So what's the difference?

Pillowcases, Envelope Pillow Covers, Zipper Pillow Covers: What's the Difference?

What's a pillow case?

A pillow case (or pillowcase) is usually made from thin material like cotton and goes directly over your pillow to encase it. It is part of your bedding set like a flat sheet or top sheet. The purpose is to have a piece of material that is removable and easy to wash, since it is impractical to clean a whole pillow. The pillow case protects your pillow from dirt, skin oils, dust, and other particles so that your face has a clean surface to rest on while you sleep.

cotton fabric pillowcases

Pillow case protects your pillow from:

  • Dirt
  • Skin oils
  • Dust
  • Dead skin

      What's a pillow cover?

      A pillow cover is quite similar to a pillow case. However, a pillow cover more often refers to a case made of a slightly thicker material that is meant to be decorative. It may have a pattern, embroidery, beading, or decorative stitch on one side. You might stuff a pillow insert or pillow form into a pillow cover and use it as a throw pillow or accent pillow. Or a pillow cover may also refer to a sham, which you may use on a regular pillow that also serves as a decorative pillow when the bed is made.

      pilllow covers include details

      A pillow cover may:

      • Be decorative
      • Use a pillow form
      • Be used as a throw or accent pillow
      • Refer to a sham

        Is Blissy a pillow cover or a pillow case?

        We are going to use the terms "pillow cover" and "pillow case" interchangeably because Blissy Silk Pillowcases act very much like a regular pillow case as well as a pillow cover. They are so beautiful and lustrous and include the embroidered Blissy logo on the front that they are like decorating pillows that help create style in your bedroom.

        search for the best pillowcase

        You can also pick your favorite color or pattern because they come in 42+ different designs. But they are also soft, easy to wash, and superb fabric for resting your cheek against every night just like a regular pillowcase.

        Now that we've established the difference between pillow covers and pillow cases, let's talk about the pros and cons of an envelope pillow cover or case versus a zippered one.

        The Comfort of Security: Zipper vs Envelope Closure Pillowcase

        It's an unfortunate night when your pillow slips loose from its covering and you find your face smack on some naked pillow. You might think you can solve for this with an envelope pillowcase set.

        wrong way to put on a pillowcase

        The envelope pillow case has a flap sewn into the case at the open end, which helps hold the pillow in. It's an improvement to be sure. But there is an even more secure way to keep your pillow in its place and assure a night uninterrupted by any errant pillows.

        The Most Secure: Less Slippage With Zippers

        To ensure your pillow stays secure, a zipper is hands down the favorite closure. With a zipper, you don’t have to ever worry about your pillow slipping out. It's far less likely to twist while you’re sleeping compared to the envelope pillow case (or an open flap, heaven forbid).

        woman on hot pink zipper pillowcase

        Since 2019, Blissy has offered a silky solution. And by 2021, this quality zippered pillowcase was a Good Housekeeping Bedding Award Winner and has won praise by Oprah’s O Magazine, Allure, and PureWOW. In 2023, Blissy was designated "Best Pillowcase" in the NewBeauty Awards

        Further reading:

        The Security of Comfort: Zippered Keeps It Covered

        Pillows held more firmly in place are more comfortable. Envelope closure pillowcases are an improvement. But the added material of the sewn-in interior flap and other added fabric that folds over the outside can become a problem. 

        Especially over time as the material ages, it may not maintain its shape and your pillow may find an escape.

        check that your case includes a zipper

        Zippered pillowcases have a steadfast closure. The simplicity of the design makes for a more long-term and reliable fix. 

        Blissy silk pillowcases are made from the finest material and are made to last. When machine washed on the delicate or gentle cycle with mild detergent and hung to dry they can last for 10 years or more!

        Tidiness and Appearance: Zippered Is Better Than Envelope Pillow Case

        Envelope enclosed pillowcases are less likely to wrinkle than open flap cases because it makes your pillow less likely to move around. But zippered pillowcases are a level up from that. 

        And while an envelope pillow case looks tidier than open-ended cases, again, zippered is still superior.

        blue zippered pillowcase

        While pillows within both enveloped and zippered cases are unseen, a zippered pillowcase offers a smooth look on either side of the pillow without any unsightly flaps. And your pillow is guaranteed to never peek out. 

        Blissy pillowcases are made with hidden zippers, so nothing to fear there. And Blissy now offers stylish silk sleep products in more than 37 colors and patterns! 

        Value for Your Money: Zippered Pillow Covers Offer More to Love

        With a zippered pillowcase, you can use both sides easily. Fluff your pillow and turn it over for another night of blissful sleep.

        determine which closure type is best for you

        While you might do this with an envelope closure, the extra seams and flaps will not feel as comfortable against your cheek. And you risk waking up with sleep creases all over your face.

        And Blissy zippered pillowcases are so well-crafted, when properly cared for, they can last for ten years or more.

        Taking On and Off: A Zippered Pillowcase Is Hassle-Free

        And let us not forget, stuffing a pillow into an envelope pillow cover is just an unnecessary added hassle. Folding over? Smoothing the fold? For your pillow?

        Don’t be a servant of your pillowcase. Putting your pillowcase on your pillow should be super easy.

        envelope pillowcase

        The zippered pillowcase is just plain easier to take on and off. Your time is valuable. No matter the number of seconds of the day, wasted time doing the mundane should be a priority for cutting. It adds up.

        Find a pillowcase that demands less from you. And gives you more.

        Protection From Allergens: Zippered Protects Better 

        A zippered pillow case protects the pillow better than an envelope pillow case, because it is actually entirely closed. Therefore, it is less likely to allow allergens in. 

        And for those nasty allergens that have already found their way into your pillow while it was uncovered, the zippered case is much better. With zippered, you won’t be exposes to allergens living in your pillow.

        taupe zippered pillowcase

        What About DIY?

        If you are crafty, you may feel motivated to whip out your needle, scissors, and sewing machine and sew your own pillowcase. How hard could it be? You just cut two pieces of fabric, sew on one side, and repeat, right?

        DIY is a very good option if you know what you're doing and have the right supplies.

        If you're not a skilled seamstress, zippers can be difficult to pin in place and sew (or adjust once they are installed). So if this is your first zipper sewing project and you're trying to teach yourself from books and videos, you may want to save yourself the hassle and sew an open-flap pillowcase. The downside is, this type offers the least protection for your pillow.

        items for sewing

        If you really want the best type of pillow closure (which is the zippered kind) and you're not familiar with sewing zippers, you may need to bite the bullet and purchase a zippered case!

        Zippered is the Winner for Hassle-Free Total Protection

        The envelope closure pillowcase is a great alternative to the open flapped, but it is short of the mark. For the best pillowcase all around, get zippered. 

        Don't let your pillowcase be just another piece of fabric. And for the most luxurious comfort and quality, award-winning pillowcasesfind them at Blissy.


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