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Metallic Colors Never Go Out of Style: Our Favorite Blissy Metallics  
Metallic Colors Never Go Out of Style: Our Favorite Blissy Metallics  

When you think of home décor, you probably focus on neutrals and matte colors. While these are perfect for walls, you often want the accents to be more interesting. Metallics are useful in decorating because they catch the light and create a welcoming space.

Why We Love Metallic Colors

The metallic sheen contrasts with flat colors and textures to add depth to a space. Metals literally shine, catching the light and your eye. Metallics are especially useful for livening up neutral spaces when you don't want to detract from the calm feeling with bold colors.

Metallic colors shine extra bright in silk

This is especially true for pieces made of silk which has a glossy texture that highlights a metallic color so well. Clothing and accessories such as robes made from these materials are often available in gold, silver, and other metal colors. Wearing metal against your skin, even if it's only metal-colored fabric, can feel decadent.

silver fabric metallic

Metallic colors make excellent accents

Adding a few silk metallic pillows or accents to your home is like picking jewelry to complement your outfit. And because we associate metallic colors with precious metals, outfitting your home with those colors can give the appearance of living in the lap of luxury.

Silk Is Extra Luxurious in Metallic Colors

There's just something fabulous about laying your head down on a silk pillowcase at the end of the day. It works wonders for helping you fall asleep. Silk also keeps you cool and wicks away sweat so you feel comfortable all night.

Silk makes the best experience for skin

Additionally, silk is great for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. Beauty experts and dermatologists recommend silk pillowcases for your beauty sleep. A silk pillowcase is an item that's known to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles too. Your skin will say "thanks" when you 

metallic pillowcase beautiful hair

Silk metallics give you extra beautiful hair

If you're tired of waking up with tangled or frizzy hair, a Blissy silk pillowcase can help give you the hair of your dreams, too. Some people aren't content to travel without a silk pillow to ensure they wake up with beautiful hair!

Luckily, Blissy makes silk pillowcases in beautiful metallic colors to match your mood and aesthetic. Switch out your bland cotton pillowcases for some glistening metallic colors to help you feel like the queen or king you are! 

Add Prosperity to Your Life with Blissy Metallics

Go bold with Gold

gold silk pillowcase

Is there any metal more decadent than gold? Fashionistas often choose glimmering golden bands, pendants, and earrings to complement every outfit and present an image of chic style. But this beautiful color isn't limited to jewelry.

As soon as you add a beautiful gold silk pillowcase to your bedroom, you'll understand exactly why silk pillowcases are worth it! The gold pillowcase is available in standard, queen, or king size. Order it with the matching gold sleep mask for added sleeping benefits. The sleep mask blocks light and helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

Shine in Silver silk

silver metallic color collection

The glossy sheen of silver doesn't just look cool. Because it's made from luxurious silk, it will feel cool when you place the sleep mask over your eyes in preparation for uninterrupted slumber. If you're really committed to the color silver, we recommend getting the Blissy Dream Set in Silver. It makes a fabulous gift! There are 6 color options for Dream Sets, so you can be sure to find one in your favorite color.  

Get beautiful beauty sleep with Bronze

blissy bronze collection

Blissy's Bronze Collection elevates this classic metal into a warm, soft shade that you'll be more than happy to add to your bedroom. In fact, the Bronze pillowcases pairs amazingly with the Emerald and contrasts beautifully with white or black accents. For example, try mixing a Bronze pillowcase with a Blissy silk sleep mask in one of these colors. These pillowcases are just waiting for you to treat yourself to the best sleep you've had in recent memory.

Rise to the top with Rose Gold

blissy rose gold collection

Rose gold has taken the world by storm over the last decade. While this color is a newcomer, the metal with the pink sheen has earned its place among the class metallic colors. That's why we had to create our Rose Gold Collection for stylish customers just like you! Our Rose Gold silk pillowcase is one of our most popular.

If you're one of the many people who has fallen in love with the feminine hues of rose gold—Blissy has you covered. You can show off your love for the pink metallic with Blissy's scrunchies from their Rose Gold Collection, which are available in three sizes: regular, skinny, and oversized. Because silk is so gentle on your hair, you don't need to worry about these scrunchies damaging or denting your 'do.

Find Your Bliss (or the Perfect Gift) with Blissy 

If you want to add more prosperity to your life, check out Blissy's metallic collections. A product from Blissy also makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Even for those who are hard to shop for!

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