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Sun Damaged Skin Treatment: How To Soothe Your Skin in the Summer
Sun Damaged Skin Treatment: How To Soothe Your Skin in the Summer

Sun damage to your skin can affect your appearance and also cause discomfort. The good news is you don’t have to stay inside all summer to avoid these effects. Certain sun damaged skin treatment can provide relief and improve your appearance. The following tips on soothing damaged skin will keep your skin looking beautiful and feeling great.

woman soaking up sun at beach

Sun Damage to Skin

When you soak up the sun’s UV rays, you can end up with different kinds of skin damage, including a painful sunburn. Sun exposure makes it harder for your skin to remain smooth and keep its firmness.

Why sun exposure causes premature aging

Your skin contains collagen proteins and elastin fibers. These help it stay firm, soft, and smooth. With too much exposure to UV rays, collagen can break down and lead to damage. Your skin can develop fine lines and wrinkles and begin to sag due to sun damage, causing you to look older.

woman wearing brimmed hat

When you spend too much time in the sun, your skin can also develop sun spots or age spots. These age spots can appear as brown spots or discolored skin patches, resulting in an uneven skin tone. Spider veins and broken blood vessels can also develop. Treatment for sun damaged skin can help prevent and minimize these effects.

Sun exposure and skin cancer

Keep in mind that UV exposure from the sun or tanning beds can also increase your risk of having skin cancer. Your chance of getting skin cancers can be even higher if you also have other risk factors, such as fair skin or a family history of skin cancer.

Preventing sun damage and protecting your skin from UV rays can help lower the risk of skin cancer.

The Connection Between Sun Damaged Skin and Aging

Knowing how the sun can lead to early signs of aging can help you understand why it’s so important to prevent this from occurring.

sun damaged skin

When you spend too much time in the sun, UV rays damage collagen and elastin fibers. As these proteins and fibers become damaged, you can start developing fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin can also have a more difficult time staying firm, leading to sagging skin.

Fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin are visible signs of premature aging that can occur from too much sun exposure. Looking older than your age can affect your self-esteem and make you feel self-conscious about your appearance.

Sun Damage Prevention

Although the sun can cause damage and signs of aging or even cancer, there are steps you can take to prevent sun damage.

1. Cover exposed skin

You can prevent UV damage by covering up when you’re outdoors. When possible, wear protective clothing made of tightly woven materials to gain better protection from UV rays.

2. Wear a hat and sunglasses

A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses can provide your face with additional sun protection. Some areas of your skin, including under your eyes, are highly delicate and more vulnerable to sun damage.

woman wearing brimmed hat

3. Apply sunscreen and other SPF products

Wearing sunscreen outdoors is super important. That's because it's one of the most effective ways to prevent UV damage and precancerous cells from developing.

Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 45 every couple of hours when you’re outside to prevent dark spots and wrinkles. You can get added protection from the sun with other SPF products, such as liquid foundation and lip balm.

4. Improve your skin care routine

Vitamin C and other nutrients can help stimulate collagen production. Applying over the counter skincare products containing glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, and vitamin C can help promote new skin growth and heal damage. Using chemical exfoliants or chemical peels on the top layer of your epidermis or the deepest layers can help with improving skin texture.

woman applying spf

5. Use anti-aging pillowcases and sleep masks

Did you know that you can soothe damage to your skin while you sleep? With Blissy silk pillowcases and sleep masks, you can easily get treatment while resting. These pillowcases and sleep masks offer anti-aging effects thanks to their special silk material.

Wearing a silk sleep mask and sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming. These items can also help damaged skin feel more comfortable as you sleep.

Benefits of Blissy Silk

Blissy silk offers anti-aging effects that can help prevent signs of sun damage from becoming worse. In fact, silk contains antioxidants, such as sericin, that have been shown to protect the dermis from UV damage. Who knew fabric could be a sun damaged skin treatment

coral silk blissy pillowcase

The science behind silk

A 2018 study published in ACS Applied Bio Materials found that sericin in silk provides protection from both UVA and UVB damage. Blissy silk can also help you feel more comfortable when you sleep. This silk has a cooling effect, which can soothe sunburns.

If you’re looking for silk pillowcases and silk sleep masks to help soothe damaged skin, visit Blissy to see our entire selection. Our products are made from the finest quality silk, so you can sleep comfortably and have healthier skin this summer.

Sun Damaged Skin Treatment: How To Soothe Your Skin in the Summer
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