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Why a Blissy Washable Silk Robe is a Must-Have in Your Wardrobe
Why a Blissy Washable Silk Robe is a Must-Have in Your Wardrobe

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Wrapping a silky robe around yourself can instantly make you feel regal and comfortable. Having to head to the dry cleaner every time your robe needs to be cleaned, though, is another story. Don't have time to give a silk robe this kind of care? Blissy has you covered!

When you want a luxurious robe that you can clean in the comfort of your home, the Blissy Classic Robe is the ideal solution. Our washable silk robe combines vintage glamour with convenient care. 

Add the perfect touch of luxury to your life with our 100% mulberry silk robe. You'll get to enjoy the soft feel of real silk without the hassle of dry cleaning. Learn more about what makes our washable silk robes such a smart purchase for your wardrobe.

4 Reasons Blissy Is the Superior Choice for Luxury Loungewear

What makes Blissy such an amazing choice for robes? These are just a few of the reasons why Blissy silk is an outstanding material for loungewear.

1) Gentle on your skin

woman with low maintenance silk robe

Blissy Classic Robes are made of the finest quality silk around. Mulberry silk offers an exceptional softness that won't tug at or irritate your skin. Instead, you can enjoy the incredible feel of this smooth fabric against your skin.

2) Nourishing for healthy, hydrated skin

hydrated body

Silk has a hydrating effect that helps your skin stay healthy and radiant. Research on the silk protein sericin has shown this hydrating property, which helps your skin retain moisture.

3) Double-sided softness

silk style washable robe

Our washable silk robes provide comfort inside and out. Both sides of each beautiful robe have smooth, shiny silk for a stylish look and soft feel. In fact, this is the only robe to have high-quality 32-momme 100% mulberry silk on the inside and outside. With a relaxed fit and adjustable belt, you can lounge around your home in style and comfort.

4) Unparalleled glamour

silk satin robe

Blissy Classic Robes blend old Hollywood glamour with a cozy texture and convenient care. These chic robes are ideal for lounging around while looking stylish, whether you're at home or traveling. Silk's natural sheen gives these robes an upscale, timeless look.

How to Care for Your Silk Robe

Taking good care of your silk robe helps it last. With proper care, you can enjoy wearing yours for years. You don't need a dry cleaner for your Blissy Classic Robe, but you do need to be careful about the way you handle washing and drying it.

black silk satin robe

Washing your silk robe

To wash your Blissy Classic Robe, follow these simple steps:

Drying your silk robe

When your wash is done, here's what to do:

  • Remove your robe and belt tie in the mesh bag from the washing machine

  • Take the belt tie out of the mesh bag

  • Hang your robe and belt tie up to air dry

  • Never dry your washable silk robe in the dryer, since the heat can damage the fabric

Say Bye to Dry Cleaning

dry clean store

Many silk fabrics require dry cleaning as part of their routine care. This means having to take time out of your busy schedule to bring these items to the dry cleaner, then pick them up again. That's one less thing on your to-do list when you have a Blissy Classic Robe!

Our washable silk robe is easy to care for. With our simple care instructions and no need for dry cleaning, you can wash your robe without setting foot out the door.

Being able to take care of your robe at home means you can do so at any time. You don't need to go out of your way to have someone else clean it or remember to pick it up when it's done.

Luxurious and Long-Lasting Washable Silk Robes

woman dressed in best silk robes from blissy

Won't regular washing lead to wear and tear? The best silk robes, like those from Blissy, can handle routine washing. Our silk robes are durable enough to withstand being washed. In fact, taking care of them is what helps them last so long.

Washing your Blissy Classic Robe correctly helps preserve its soft, smooth feel and shiny appearance. The silk it's made from might seem delicate, but it's surprisingly strong. You can count on your silk robe lasting for a long time when you take care of it.

Benefits of the Blissy Classic Robe

An elegant look and ultra-soft texture aren't the only benefits of our washable silk robes. These robes also offer the following benefits.

Cooling effect

woman with chic pink silk short robe

Feeling chilly in winter? Uncomfortably warm in summer? Our silk robes are naturally thermoregulating. This means they help you maintain a comfortable body temperature in any season.

Silk's thermoregulating properties help ensure that you feel cool enough in summer or warm and cozy in winter. No matter when you wear your robe, you can saunter around in comfort and style.

Hypoallergenic properties

woman touching face

Got sensitive skin or a skin condition, like eczema or acne? Then our 100% mulberry silk is the ideal robe material. Blissy silk robes are hypoallergenic, so they won't irritate your skin.

There aren't any harmful chemicals in our robes that might trigger skin conditions. Their soft feel and hypoallergenic properties make them perfect for sensitive skin. In fact, research supports silk for skin conditions, like atopic dermatitis.

5 Best Times to Wear Your New Washable Silk Robe

Wear your Blissy Classic Robe at any or all of the following times to get the most out of it.

1) Evening

woman wearing silk kimono robe in evening with brown sleep mask

Make your silk robe part of your evening or nightly routine. Put on your pajamas and robe, then settle in for a relaxing night. Grab a book, watch your favorite show, or listen to soft music while feeling snug in your robe. You can also wear it while going through your skincare routine each night.

2) Morning

woman in pink robe drinking coffee

Getting out of bed isn't as tough when you have a silk robe to slide into. Put on this soft robe first thing in the morning to get your day off to a pleasant start. Enjoy your morning coffee, and get ready for the day while looking elegant. Find out more about what makes these robes perfect for getting ready.

3) After baths

woman with black short robe after bath

A soothing bath is a good way to unwind at the end of a long day. A soft silk robe makes this relaxation routine even better. Wrap yourself in a Blissy Classic Robe after stepping out of the tub for a refreshingly luxurious feel.

4) Vacation

woman in white silk short robe taking selfie

Pack your silk robe for vacation, so you can travel in style. Our washable silk robes are great for lounging around in hotel rooms. Since you don't have to worry about dry cleaning, caring for your robe while you're on the go is super simple.

5) Special occasions

woman with long sleeves

Going to a wedding or planning a spa day? Keep a Blissy Classic Robe handy. Wear your silk robe while doing your hair and makeup for a big occasion. Put on your robe while enjoying a relaxing spa day.

Pamper Yourself or Give the Gift of Blissy

blissy box

With a combination of timeless luxury and easy care, Blissy Classic Robes are a must-have for your wardrobe. Your days of having to dry clean a silk robe are over when you make Blissy part of your personal loungewear collection. 

Explore Blissy silk robes to find the best one for your wardrobe. Better yet, consider purchasing a Blissy Classic Robe as a thoughtful gift for a loved one while you're at it. Our robes are available in classy tones of white, champaign, pink, and black.


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