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Why Luxury Strong-Scented Candles Are Worth the Investment
Why Luxury Strong-Scented Candles Are Worth the Investment

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A scented candle can instantly add an inviting aroma to any room in your home. And, while you could easily find a cheap one, luxury candles are a better purchase for many reasons. In fact, more and more people are realizing the benefits of high-end candles—so much so that sales of these products have rocketed in recent years!

So if you're looking for a candle to create a calming environment in your bedroom or to freshen up your living room or kitchen—luxury scented candles are the way to go. Let's explore what makes luxury scented candles a smart choice for home decor, health, and wellness!

Top Benefits of Luxury Strong-Scented Candles

Why choose these candles for your home? The following are just a few of the main benefits they provide.

reviews on blissy candles

Superior quality and craftsmanship

You get what you pay for when purchasing luxury scented candles—and that's a good thing! These candles are made using high-quality wax, such as:

  • Soy

  • Beeswax

  • Coconut wax

These premium types of wax offer a cleaner burn than paraffin—the wax that cheaper candles tend to have. Healthcare experts and scientists recommend choosing candles made of soy, beeswax, or similar waxes. Why? Paraffin-scented candles have been linked to some health issues.

Paraffin wax can cause health problems

A 2023 study found that paraffin-scented candles can cause headaches, shortness of breath, and other health problems. And a 2015 study found that they release formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—whether they're lit or unlit!

Luxury candles don't just have better quality ingredients that are better for your health. They also have outstanding craftsmanship using various techniques. Some are even hand-poured, giving them a beautiful and unique design.

learn about strong-scented candles


Intense and lasting fragrances

Inexpensive scented candles often use synthetic perfumes with fragrances that don't last long. That means you must keep replacing them, which adds up over time!

Luxury candles use essential oils—a natural source of scents. These give off fragrances that tend to be stronger and last longer overall.

Luxurious home ambiance

Burning inexpensive candles might fill a room with a pleasant scent for a bit. But it doesn't quite have the same quality as burning luxury candles. These premium-quality candles go a long way toward creating a luxurious and comforting ambiance in your home.

lavender, grapefruit, and lemon home candles

Emotional and mental wellness benefits

Did you know luxury candles made with essential oils rather than synthetic scents may boost your mental and emotional well-being? Here's what science has to say about them:

  • A 2023 study on essential oils, like lavender and eucalyptus, found that they help reduce stress and have other beneficial effects on the nervous system

  • A 2024 study on lychee-scented soy candles found that they help ease stress and may help improve sleep quality

Those are just a couple of examples of the benefits that luxury scented candles can bring to your life. Their blissful aromas might also elevate your mood while filling your home with a soothing scent.

Why Blissy Stands Out

Blissy offers the perfect luxury scented candles to add to your home. What makes these such an exceptional choice of candle?

jasmine & eucalyptus candle from blissy's candle collection

Exceptional quality

Blissy Candles are made of vegan soy wax that doesn't contain any harmful substances. These non-toxic candles are free of harsh chemicals and provide clean burning with up to 45 hours of burn time.

That gives you lots of time to enjoy their beautiful scent before needing to replace them. And their non-toxic ingredients offer peace of mind for your health!

Blissy Candles

blissy candle
  • candle icon Naturally scented
  • vegan icon Soy based
  • time icon 45-hour burn
  • vegan icon Vegan

Unique fragrance profiles

What kind of scent are you looking for? Blissy has a few different scent profiles to choose from based on the mood or ambiance you want to create. These include the following:

Health and wellness focus

Blissy Candles are designed with your well-being in mind. Each candle is infused with essential oils, giving it a natural scent that helps ease stress and promotes relaxation.

Fill your bathroom with the soothing smells of Lavender & Eucalyptus while soaking in a tub. Or find inspiration and joy with the scents of Jasmine & Eucalyptus drifting through your home. Having guests over? Fill your home with Woodsmoke & Leather scents for a welcoming atmosphere!

you'll love blissy's jasmine & eucalyptus candle

Blissy Candles have a positive impact on mood and environment, making them a smart choice for improving your health and well-being. Create the ambiance you want—and let these candles boost your mood!

What do Blissy customers have to say about these candles? Jacquelyn W. loves that the Lavender and Eucalyptus Candle "creates the most delightful, calming and throw off your woes scent." She also praises the Woodsmoke & Leather Blissy Candle for being "phenomenal to make you feel so relaxed and just being alive" and loves all Blissy Candles for being "so rich in scent that just envelopes the room."

That's high praise for these luxury-scented candles!

Bring Blissy Candles Into Your Home

Eager to enjoy the benefits of these luxury candles? Purchasing them means you get a clean burn, improved well-being, and beautifully designed and scented items to add to your home. Check out our collection of Blissy Candles today!

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