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24 Top Hair Color Trends 2024 You Need to Try
24 Top Hair Color Trends 2024 You Need to Try

We're halfway through 2024time to switch up your hair color.

The following 24 hair color trends of 2024 feature a variety of hair colors to suit any style.

Looking for a neutral shade to wear year-round? A bold, vibrant hue? Or a soft strawberry blonde that's perfect for summer?

We pulled from this year's top beauty trends, like honey blonde and copper, to deliver the most flattering and on-trend hair colors.

Choosing Your Hair Color

Before we dive into this year's hair color trends, let's talk hair color basics:

If you're already a pro, feel free to jump ahead to the top color trends of 2024!

Hair colors are arranged by level and tone, with level 1 being the darkest and level 10 being the lightest:

  1. Darkest black
  2. Black
  3. Darkest brow
  4. Dark brown
  5. Medium brown
  6. Light brown
  7. Lightest brown
  8. Dark blonde
  9. Medium blonde
  10. Lightest blonde

Tones are essential to determining the final colorthey're the underlying pigment. Hair naturally contains 4 major tones: red, orange, yellow, and pale yellow.

More tones include:

  • Warm (blend of golden, copper, and mahogany tones)

  • Chocolate (blend of subtle gold and mahogany)

  • Cool (blend of blue, green, and violet tones)

  • Ash (helps neutralize undesired warm hues and brassiness)

  • Neutral (balanced warm and cool tones)

It's fun to experiment with hair color! There are so many possibilities. Just remember:

Neutralize warm or cool tones with a complementary pigment to achieve your desired result. E.g., use an ash or cool tone to eliminate warm, brassy hues.

Nowlet's look at this year's hottest hair colors!

1. Butter Blonde

This warm, creamy light blonde shade is the perfect summer color! It combines golden tones with subtle hints of honey and vanilla.

Butter blonde will brighten any complexion, giving you an enviable sun-kissed glow.

Latin Grammy winner Camila Cabello traded her dark locks this year for this iconic, buttery blonde.

2. Baby Balayage

This natural color combo is professional and chic. The warm medium brown and blonde tones create a gorgeous blend that'll transition you from summer to fall.

It's the perfect, low-maintenance style for busy career babes on the go. You won't need touch-ups for a whileThis subtle balayage has strategically placed highlights that'll stay beautiful with hair growth.

3. Cowboy Copper

Cowboy copper is our go-to shade for all you confident and adventurous ladies!

Its blend of red, copper, and mahogany tones is warm and fiery. This color trend embodies a fierceness that looks absolutely stunning on natural hair.

Beyoncé looks iconic in any hair color, but we're especially loving her cowboy-copper era.

4. Bronde

Bronde is one of the most popular hair color trends 2024 has seennatural beauty is in.

This shade sits right between dark blonde and lightest brown hair. Subtle highlights help add dimension and brighten and frame the face.

Joey King was seen rocking this natural hair color during a Miu Miu fashion show in Paris. Dimitris Giannetos (@dimitrishair) is the fantastic celebrity colorist who styled her look.

Taylor Swift is another major celebrity with lovely bronde locks.

5. Cool Brunette

With shades reminiscent of smoke, espresso, and chocolate, this is anything but an ordinary brown. This gorgeous, ashy brown employs cool tones, with gray tones emphasizing silvery highlights.

Unlike ombre or all-gray hair, which was all over the internet a few years ago, cool brunette hair seamlessly blends gray and brown.

If you're looking for a sophisticated, modern appeal, this is the perfect color.

6. Cherry Red

Let your inner baddie energy shine with this bright color.

Vibrant red hair exudes confidence, creativity, and independence. Remember when Rihanna rocked cherry red!? This hair color is iconic.

Cherry red has been super popular with social media influencers in 2024, like Kaine Vakai Hair and Heather Michelle.

7. Strawberry Blonde

This soft pink shade is one of the cutest hair color trends of 2024.

Natural-looking red hair has been hot this year, but:

This shade of strawberry blonde puts a twist on natural red hair by blending warm blonde tones with pastel pink

Pair your strawberry locks with chic Blissy Scrunchies in Pink. These mulberry silk scrunchies will keep your trendy hair nourished, smooth, and sleek.

8. Cool Black

If you've been anywhere near BookTok this year, you'll know what we mean when we say this:

Embrace your dark side as you rule over Night Court with hair fit for a High Lady

Pair your regal, black hair with a twinkling, star-sprinkled gown and jeweled crownyou'll rival Feyre in no time.

9. Ribbon Highlights

This look features a blend of contrasting colors to make your hair pop.

Warm shades of blonde and brown weave through sections of hair to create a multidimensional effect.

Love this color's ribbon-like waves? Accessorize with a Blissy Hair Ribbon in Champagne for a timeless look that also nourishes hair.

10. Chocolate Brown

This stunning, rich, dark brown hue with soft caramel highlights has become ultra-popular for 3A to 4C hair types.

It's especially flattering for those with:

  • Deep Skin Tones: Adds warmth to deeper complexions without overpowering natural undertones

  • Medium to Olive Skin Tones: Enhances olive undertones

  • Warm Undertones: Complements any complexion with warm undertones

Megan Fox is one of many icons rocking brunette hair in 2024. Her chic look was perfected by celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos (@dimitrishair). Yes, the same stylist as Joey King's!

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11. Cherry Cola Hair

The iconic Y2K hair color is back!

It's one of the top hair color trends 2024 has seen. Whether it's trendy again because of nostalgia or simply because it's hot, we're not surebut does it matter!?

Celebs like Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, and Rihanna rocked cherry cola hair in the early 2000s. Today, stars and influencers like Dua Lipa and Melanie Tran are flaunting their vibrant hues with confidence.

12. Champagne Blonde

Champagne blonde is like platinum blonde but with the addition of some warm undertones. It reminds us of a glass of bubbly, cheers!

The stunning hue blends light, icy blonde with pale, warm gold to create a luminous finish. It perfectly balances both warm and cool tones to create depth and visual interest.

This shade of light blonde can really brighten the complexion of fair to medium skin tones.

Maintenance tip:

If you're ready to refresh your look with champagne blonde, have purple shampoo or color-depositing conditioner on hand. These will help keep yellow or brassy tones at bay.

13. Burnt Caramel

This is one of the most flattering hair color trends 2024 has seen for natural hair.

Dark chocolate and toffee intermingle to create a radiant finish that's versatile for both summer and fall aesthetics. Plus, the blending of shades is intended to perfectly highlighted coils for added dimension and shine.

Want to look posh while wearing your curls up? Style your hair with a Blissy Oversized Scrunchie in Taupe.

14. Angel Blonde

We are obsessed with this hair color trend!

Angel blonde, or "halo blonde," is meant to mimic a natural blonde shade. Achieving this look requires a blend of warm and cool blonde tones with just the right touch of ash.

Legendary beauty and fashion icons like Gwen Stefani have popularized this look.

15. Auburn

Natural-looking red hair is another of the most popular color trends of 2024.

Auburn is elegant and flexiblea look that's gorgeous and stylish in all seasons.

Amy Adams is one of many strong, confident redheads who are inspiring the popularity of this natural tone.

16. Merlot Red

Lovers of red winesay hello to your favorite new hair color.

This deep, spellbinding red with purple undertones exudes a sultry, mysterious allure. Whether or not you're witchy, this trendy hair color will have onlookers charmed.

To keep this enchanting color from fading, make sure to wash your hair with a color-depositing shampoo and rinse with cool water.

17. Golden Blonde

The golden tones in this rich blonde color complement warm skin tones beautifully.

Ask your stylist for the sun-kissed hues of golden blonde to add vibrancy and dimension to your hair. Whether styled in loose waves or sleek straight strands, this versatile shade exudes confidence and a touch of glamour, perfect for any occasion.

18. Apricot Copper

Vibrant copper and dark blonde combine to create this dreamy, rose gold shade.

Its blend of hues makes it one of the most versatile color trends of 2024. This shade is soft, chic, and sophisticated.

Fashion icon Meredith Duxbury recently made this hair color even more popular—it looks gorgeous on and off the runway!

19. Honey Brown

A blend of golden tones and rich, deep browns is what gives this trendy hair color a warm, radiant shine.

Honey blonde face-framing highlights add depth, highlight the eyes, and enhance a glowy complexion.

Celebrities like Ciara look stunning in this ever-popular hair color!

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20. Caramel Balayage

Imagine drizzling caramel over rich chocolate. That's caramel balayageit gives you this seamlessly blended, sun-kissed hair that will brighten your whole look.

This hair color trend is low-key glam that you can rock every day.

Megan Thee Stallion embraced her natural curls this year with a deliciously smooth caramel balayage and full wolf cut.

21. Cinnamon Brown

Who said dark hair makes you pale? This on-trend color is warm and spicy with rich, earthy brown and red undertones.

Cinnamon brown feels cozy yet bold. Although it's a color you can wear all year...something about it makes us want to shrug on a sweater and drink a PSL.

22. Golden Copper

Many of the hair color trends of 2024 have emphasized natural beauty.

If you already have copper hair, you're ahead of the trend! Natural redheads are finally getting the recognition they deserve for their stunning hair color:

This viral "ginger" TikTok filter currently has 3.6 million posts. Try it out to see how golden copper hair and a sun-kissed freckled skin tone look on you.

23. Dark Ash Blonde

Unlike other blondes on our list, this one has cooler tones. Dark ash blonde has hints of gray, blue, green, and violet undertones.

This shade has a sophisticated yet subtle elegance to it, making it one of the most adaptable color trends of 2024.

24. Honey Blonde

Honey blonde is the ultimate summer hair color with golden tones and soft brown roots.

Bring some warmth into your look with this color trend. It's perfect for down-to-earth, beachy girls:

It looks even better while you're riding a wave or practicing tree pose at the beach

Get Your Best Hair With Blissy

Now that you know what's hot for hair color trends 2024, discover how to maintain your color and nurture your locks.

Luxe Blissy hair accessories are crafted from the highest-quality mulberry silk. From stylish pillowcases to chic silk bonnets, our products are designed with your hair health and self-care in mind.

Keep your hair healthy while extending the life of your color. Blissy Silk Pillowcases and Blissy Silk Bonnets:

  • Reduce friction on hair strands, which stops color from rubbing off or fading prematurely

  • Won't absorb hair color, your hair's natural oils, or leave-in treatments

  • Help maintain moisture levels, leading to more vibrant color

  • Minimize tangles and knots, which can lead to breakage and color loss

Even more Blissy benefits for healthy hair:

  • No more dry hair or frizz

  • Glossy, lustrous locks

  • Smooth, bouncy curls

  • Reduced breakage

  • Fewer split ends

Whether you rock cowboy copper or cool black, Blissy will help your new 2024 hair color look its best!

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