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The Blissy Experience Ep. 8: Featuring Dr. Keira Moore, Sleep Specialist
The Blissy Experience Ep. 8: Featuring Dr. Keira Moore, Sleep Specialist

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Episode 8 of The Blissy Experience Podcast features Dr. Keira Moore, a Pediatric Special Needs Sleep Specialist. Dr. Moore shares her journey into sleep specialization and offers practical tips for better sleep.

Her insights on managing electronics, adjusting sleep schedules, and improving sleep hygiene apply to both children and adults. Learn how her behavioral research findings can help you and your children improve your sleep quality and well-being.

Explore our conversation with Dr. Moore and click below to watch the full episode. Or, discover The Blissy Experience Podcast on your favorite podcast platform.


Dr. Moore’s Journey to Sleep Specialization

Dr. Keira Moore's path to becoming a Pediatric Special Needs Sleep Specialist began with her personal passion for sleep. Initially working with children on the autism spectrum, she discovered that sleep issues were often behavioral. 

During grad school, she learned sleep was a significant behavior problem and applied this insight to her clients, achieving remarkable results. This success led her to focus on sleep behavior analysis, where she continues to make a profound impact.

Understanding Sleep and Autism

Dr. Moore emphasizes the crucial role sleep plays in managing autism symptoms. Poor sleep exacerbates core symptoms like repetitive behaviors and tantrums. By improving sleep, significant behavioral improvements are observed, enhancing learning, reducing aggression, and promoting overall well-being in children with autism.

Key Components of Effective Sleep Treatments

According to Dr. Moore’s research, effective sleep treatments revolve around four main components: 

  1. Establishing a consistent bedtime routine
  2. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule
  3. Identifying and managing sleep dependencies
  4. Reducing interfering behaviors

A good bedtime routine prepares the body for sleep, while a consistent schedule reinforces the sleep-wake cycle. Managing dependencies ensures a stable sleep environment, and minimizing distractions, like electronics, promotes restful sleep. These elements are essential for improving sleep quality and overall health.

Practical Tips for Better Sleep

Dr. Moore offers practical tips for better sleep. These strategies can help you achieve more restful and consistent sleep:

  • Manage electronics by keeping them out of reach before bed
  • Avoid using your phone immediately upon waking to start your day calmly
  • Practice meditation or breathing exercises, like box breathing, to calm your mind
  • Stick to your regular sleep schedule, even when you need to wake up early
  • Recognize your chronotype and adjust your circadian rhythm with consistent schedules, morning sunlight, and a big breakfast

Additional Insights and Takeaways

Dr. Moore shares additional insights on sleep. She highlights misconceptions about melatonin use, emphasizing its limited effectiveness. Proper sleep is crucial for mental health and performance, with benefits like improved mood and memory. 

Adults can adopt children’s sleep techniques, such as having a bedtime routine, for better sleep. Behavioral analysis principles apply beyond sleep, aiding various aspects of life. Her key takeaway: put phones away before bed. 

For more resources, visit the Moore Behavior Consulting website and Facebook page.

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