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The Blissy Experience Podcast: A Deeper Dive With Keira Moore, Beauty Therapist
The Blissy Experience Podcast: A Deeper Dive With Keira Moore, Beauty Therapist

We're catching up with beauty therapist Lea Roman (@LeaTheBeautyArtist), fresh from her inspiring chat on Episode 7 of The Blissy Experience Podcast! Missed the episode? Click here for a recap and where to listen.

Lea shares insights on authentic beauty, personal style, and how embracing your true self can boost confidence and positivity. In this blog post, she's come back to share even more incredible advice that we didn't get to cover in the podcast!

Read on to get Lea's latest expert tips on self-expression and living confidently through authentic beauty!

How do you recommend women start finding their unique style if they feel overwhelmed by current beauty standards?

Lea: I would say the first action would be to unfollow those “perfect” women or women that make you feel less than with their impossible beauty standards. Then follow those you identify with. Join positive groups online if support is needed. Really dial in on what makes YOU feel beautiful and seek that out on Pinterest to create a board with your own inspiration. Tell yourself you are amazing just the way you are every day!

lea roman helps her client

Can you share a memorable transformation story of a client whose outer beauty expression significantly impacted their confidence and life?

Lea: I helped a woman who was about to turn 60 years old. She was very upset. Her boyfriend was a few years younger than her and she was about to go on a birthday cruise with him. She wanted to feel lovely and confident. But her age and her current style were bringing her down. We discussed style goals and self love ideas. We created a style board. I even helped her learn how to shop for her shape! There was no need for her to lose weight before her trip, or change her face! She was able to be who she is but elevate her style.

Working on finding out what she loved about herself, allowed her to believe she can find a style for her. There were tears shed both from fear and happiness as she realized she had self love within the whole time. With this, she was able to confidently find her style, put on makeup for her liking (after my makeup lesson), style her hair, and have the perfect outfits for her cruise. She shined so brightly! 

What are some practical steps people can take to feel beautiful and confident on days when they’re not feeling their best?

Lea: As difficult as it may be in the moment, brush your hair, put on tinted moisturizer and lip balm. Put on an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident! That alone will make all the difference!

What are your thoughts on the evolving beauty industry’s shift towards more inclusive and diverse representations of beauty?

Lea: It’s a beautiful shift. Feeling seen is priceless. 

How do you help clients who struggle with negative self-perception or body image issues? 

Lea: I provide worksheets that help these women focus on the beauty they posses within. I also provide mantras and meditations to quiet their negative Nelly! 

Can you share some tips for women who want to experiment with their look but are hesitant to make significant changes?

Lea: Start small! Add a dazzling pair of earrings. Find a shade of lipstick that pops! And always look in the mirror and see yourself as the amazing gorgeous one of a kind person you are. It’s mind over matter in the grand scheme!

Embrace Your Own Authentic Beauty

A big thanks to Lea Roman for sharing her insights on authentic beauty and self-expression. Lea's passion for helping women align their inner and outer selves is truly inspiring.

We hope her advice encourages you to explore and express your authentic beauty with confidence. For more of Lea's tips, visit MindfulSoulAndBeauty.com.

Stay connected with The Blissy Experience Podcast by subscribing on YouTube at @BlissyBrand or listening on your favorite podcast platform.

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