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5 Valentine's Day Gifts for Mom: Practical and Luxurious Ideas She'll Love
5 Valentine's Day Gifts for Mom: Practical and Luxurious Ideas She'll Love

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The holiday season flew by and it's already another year—up next, Valentine's Day! Everyone shows their partner a little extra love on this special day, but let's not forget our moms!

Aside from your partner, your mom is the most important woman in your life. She would do anything for you and loves you unconditionally.

Surprise her with a great gift, and you'll make her whole week. It's important to show appreciation to your mom so she'll feel loved on this sweet holiday, too!
Wondering what would make the perfect gift for your mom or mother-in-law?

We'll give you some tips and advice on finding the best Valentine's Day gifts for mom, and some specific gift ideas she'll adore and use daily.

mother and daughter gift box

Choosing Valentine's Day Gifts for Mom

There are quite a few common presents that people choose to give as Valentine's Day gifts for mom: flowers, body cream, and skin renewing masks...a necklace or other jewelry, a tea set, a candle, or chocolates with organic ingredients to please her sweet tooth. The list goes on, and mom has seen it all before!

While there's nothing wrong with these gifts, most of them are either expected, things she might buy for herself, or gifts that only last a short time.

It's true, your mother might be happy with just about anything from her kids, but why not treat her to a luxury gift that your mom deserves? You can give expected gifts, but make sure to surprise her with another lavish gift (or two), also!

Spoil your mom with a luxurious-yet-practical, unique gift. This way, she'll not only use it every day (for years) but you'll pamper her too.

Plus, many moms don't treat themselves to opulent gifts, which makes buying an impressive gift for your mother even more important. She might not get a special present like yours from anyone else.

gift box with heart

Some quick tips on picking Valentine's Day gifts for mom:

Give her a surprising, unique gift

  • Make sure to give mom a cute gift that's both luxurious and practical, so that she can use it daily for years
  • Help mom relax with a gift that pampers her and boosts her wellbeing
  • Remind mom what an important person she is in your life with your thoughtful gift and a special, short message written from the heart

    Why Gift Silk?

    Luxe silk essentials are some of the best Valentine's Day gifts for mom. Think silk sleep masks, silk pillowcases, silk robes, and silk hair accessories. Here's why they rule:

    1. Silk gifts are luxury items. Your mom deserves to be pampered!
    2. Silk gifts will actually be used and appreciated daily
    3. Silk gifts will last for about 10 years if cared for properly
    4. Silk gifts will be a welcome surprise—they're the presents your mom needed but didn't know yet!
    5. Sleeping in silk and wearing silk products provides many wellness and beauty benefits

    rose gold silk

    Some of the naturally-occurring benefits of silk include:

    • Smoother, shinier, frizz-free hair and fewer new wrinkles and fine lines
    • A better night's sleep (and more refreshing afternoon naps) when resting on silk
    • Silk is ultra-soft, thermoregulating, and cooling
    • Fresher, healthier, more radiant skin
    • Silk is moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, noncomedogenic, and non-irritating, even for those with sensitive skin
    • Silk is hypoallergenic, so less late-night and early-morning allergies 

    Give a Better Gift With Blissy

    Blissy offers the highest quality silk on the market, grade 6A, with one of the largest varieties of colors and patterns available. Shop Blissy with confidence! We are OEKO-TEX Certified, eco-friendly, and non-toxic!

    Additionally, Blissy products are loved by those of all ages and genders, with over 80,000 5-star reviews. Save yourself a trip to the store and order online from Blissy!

    5 Blissy Valentine's Day Gifts Mom Will Love and Appreciate

    1) Blissy Classic Robe in Champagne

    best silk robe in the world

    The Blissy Classic Robe is the perfect gift for Valentine's day. The deluxe, 32-momme robe is flattering for all and is crafted with delicate, pure mulberry silk on both the outside and inside.

    It's a soothing, dreamy, robe that's great for relaxing at home, wearing to bed, or while getting ready for an evening out.

    Champagne is a gorgeous neutral color any mom is bound to fancy.

    2) Blissy Bonnet in Leopard

    last minute gifts for mom

    This mulberry silk hair bonnet is the perfect gift for a chic and stylish mom. She'll protect her hair all night long while looking fabulous!

    The pure silk turban is designed to prevent bedhead, moisturize locks, fight frizz, make hair glossy, and keep your hairstyle intact.

    Your mom will absolutely adore you for this gift!

    If your mom has curly or frizzy hair, the Blissy Bonnet is a must-have!

    3) Blissy Silk Pillowcase in Pink

    pink silk pillowcase

    This elegant, queen size silk pillowcase has amazing beauty benefits. Your mom (and her skin and hair) will thank you as she wakes up feeling rejuvenated each morning!

    Sleeping on this fine, grade 6A, 22-momme silk pillowcase will help soften mom's laugh lines. It will also keep her skin youthful, and smooth her gorgeous hair.

    Plus, pink is such a lovely color, perfect for Valentine's Day!

    It's a great gift for moms of all ages and lifestyles. Every mom deserves to be pampered, and what mom couldn't use a better night's sleep!?

    Blissy Pillowcases come one per pack. For extra love, buy 2!

    4) Blissy Silk Sleep Mask in Lavender

    lavender silk sleep mask from blissy

    Give your mom sweet dreams with a luxe, mulberry silk sleep mask. The Blissy Silk Sleep Mask is a delicate, comforting 22-momme silk, perfect for sensitive and aging skin alike.

    The sleep mask will block light, providing mom with a better night's rest. At the same time, it will keep her skin moisturized and fresh. Plus lavender is the perfect color to welcome spring!

    The sleep mask comes with a silk carrying case, perfect for on-the-go moms of all ages.

    5) Blissy Dream Set in White

    white silk blissy dream set

    Why get one when you can buy a set!?

    This Blissy Dream set comes with a standard-size Blissy Silk Pillowcase, Silk Sleep Mask, Silk Scrunchie, and Silk Skinny Scrunchie—all in a perfect gift box with pretty packaging! She will love opening this Valentine's Day gift and the amazing beauty benefits.

    White is a safe choice for gifts, as it goes with everything. Plus it will add a refined touch.

    Picking the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

    Now you know how to choose your perfect Valentine's Day gifts for mom. She's one of the most important people in your world, after all!

    Buy her those flowers and a special card, too. But don't forget to pick out a luxurious silk gift or two! Now, those are some Valentine's Day gifts for mom that we (and other loved ones in your life) can get behind.

    Need more gifting advice and ideas? Discover the top gifts for people who have everything!


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