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Blissy Pillowcase Reviews: 12 Customers Share Their True Experience
Blissy Pillowcase Reviews: 12 Customers Share Their True Experience

Check out these Blissy silk pillowcase reviews to learn everything you need to know about the pillowcase made from the best silk materials available.

How can a silk pillowcase make such a difference?

If you're wondering:

  • Is the Blissy pillowcase worth it?
  • Is Blissy better than other silk pillowcases?
  • Is Blissy better than conventional pillowcases?
  • Does Blissy make your hair shiny?
  • Does Blissy work for sensitive skin?
  • Is Blissy good for dry skin?
  • Is Blissy really premium quality?
  • How is Blissy's customer service?

These Blissy pillow case video testimonials will answer all your most pressing questions.

Check Out These Customer Reviews of the Blissy Silk Pillowcase!

1. Harmony from Vancouver: Shinier hair and no more face creases

Harmony's experience with Blissy lead to shiny, neat hair with less breakage. It was excellent for her curly hair texture! Cutting out the friction that her regular pillowcases were causing really made a huge difference for both her skin and hair. She also loves the way the Blissy pillowcase feels on her skin!

Watch Harmony's Blissy review here:

2. Jeff from Arizona: Cooler nights and allergies calmed

This man is so fond of Blissy, he wrote a song about it. His Blissy Silk Pillowcase helps him stay cool during the searing southwest summers. The hypoallergenic 100% pure mulberry silk also helps ease his allergies when those desert flowers are in bloom!

Check out Jeff's Blissy silk pillowcase review:


3. Maddison from Toronto: Less hair breakage and clearer skin

Maddison noticed major changes in her hair and skin once she switched to a Blissy Pillowcase and began using the Blissy Scrunchies too! She immediately noticed less breakage and clearer, more balanced skin.

Watch Maddison's Blissy pillowcase review here:

4. Roshan from Toronto: Totally obsessed with Blissy

Roshan has seen huge gains in her hair and skin health since she began using the Blissy Pillowcase 1 year ago. She thinks Blissy is the best silk pillowcase because it's so incredibly soft and comfortable. She also thinks the Blissy Silk Pillowcase is a fabulous gift. We couldn't agree more, Roshan!

Watch Roshan's Blissy Pillowcase review here:

5. India from Maryland: My hairstyle lasts longer

Blissy's premium quality silk helps preserve India's hairstyle so that it lasts longer. Fewer trips to the salon? Yes please! Blissy Silk Pillowcases protect hair, so India's hair is less frizzy and tangledshe loves it so much she bought one for her mom. She also had an amazing experience with customer service.

Watch India's Blissy Pillowcase review:

6. Tina from Washington: Blissy customer service is the best!

Tina has found her experience with Blissy to be so excellent, that she bought not only multiple Blissy Pillowcases but also the Blissy Sleep Mask and the Blissy Scrunchies! Next, she plans on buying the Blissy Classic Robe. She has had an excellent experience with customer service and now Blissy is her go-to gift for friends and family.

Watch Tina's Blissy review here:

7. Mariles from Australia: Waking up refreshed and energized

Mariles knows that Blissy is the best silk pillowcase. She's seen smoother skin and shinier, tangle-free hair. She loves how smooth and soft Blissy is, making her feel more relaxed in the evenings so that she sleeps better, waking up refreshed. She can't stop recommending it to her friends and family!

Watch Mariles's Blissy Silk Pillowcase review here:

8. Lori from Tennessee: Will never travel without Blissy

Lori travels frequently, but she'll never settle for traditional pillowcases again. That's why she takes her Blissy pillow case with her on the road. The silk fabric helps preserve her hairstyleshe only has to blow out her hair once a week now that she has Blissy. Time-saver? Absolutely! Blissy helps her unwind after a long day of travel and helps her get a good night's sleep.

Watch Lori's Blissy review here:

9. Susan from Missouri: Best investment I've ever made

You'll know that Blissy Pillowcases are made from the highest quality silk because they look brand new wash after wash. Susan has had her Blissy Pillowcases for over a year and washes them frequentlybut they're still in great condition. She loves how they don't leave marks on her face and how gentle they are on her hair.

Watch Susan's Blissy Pillowcase Review here:

10. Tommy from Kentucky: Blissy for the entire family

When Tommy bought a Blissy for his wife as a gift, he didn't imagine he'd be going back to buy one for himself and each of their children, but that's what he did. He realized the value of getting a good night's rest on a pillowcase that's ultra-soft and keeps you cool and comfortable all night.

Watch Tommy's Blissy review here:

11. Diana from Florida: If you care about your skin and hair—get Blissy

We say Blissy is the pillowcase hair stylists recommend for a reasonbecause it's true! Diana's hair stylist told her she needed a Blissy silk pillowcase to take care of her luscious curls. Diana went and bought a silk pillowcase, but it wasn't a Blissy. She thought, what's the big deal? Her hair stylist told her, no, not just any pillowcase—a Blissy pillowcase. Diana went and got a Blissy and now she sees the light!

Watch Diana's Blissy review here:

12. Junior from Wyoming: Their toddler looks forward to nap time!

After getting a Blissy for his girlfriend as a gift, they began to notice their pillow going missing...who was to blame but their toddler! If you're wondering if Blissy is a suitable pillowcase for a toddler, Junior assures you that it is. She sleeps great at night, wakes up energized, and maintains a great attitude during the day—a parent's dream come true. It also makes naptime a cinch as well!

Watch Junior's Blissy review here:


The Verdict: Blissy Silk Pillowcases Are Totally Worth It!

We hope this Blissy pillowcase reviews article has been helpful. If you were not sure whether to get Blissy before, now you realize the amazing benefits for hair and skin as well as sleep comfort and quality. To sum it up, here's why people are ditching their cotton pillowcasing and opting for our natural silk pillowcases.

A Blissy Silk Pillowcase Gives You Better Skin and Hair

Blissy is so gentle on your skin and hair, no matter what your hair or skin type, you can benefit from sleeping on a Blissy pillowcase and using other Blissy products like our silk scrunchies. Blissy helps with anti-aging, dry facial skin, and breakouts. You'll notice your skin glowing after sleeping on Blissy for even a week!

Blissy is excellent for hair and skin because it doesn't absorb moisture like a cotton pillowcase, so your natural oils and moisture stay in your skin and hair, keeping it hydrated. Same goes for your skincare and hair productsBlissy won't absorb your products, so they stay on your skin and hair instead of collecting on your pillow. This helps you get the most mileage out of your products so they're their most effective.

You can also say goodbye to bed head when you sleep on a Blissy. Compared to a conventional pillow cover which causes friction, resulting in tangles and frizz, a Blissy pillowcase lets you wake up with clean and neat hair. You'll notice shinier and smoother hair.

Blissy Gives You the Best Beauty Sleep

Because of Blissy's special body temperature regulating powers, you'll sleep coolly and comfortably throughout the night. We use only the highest quality grade 6A 22-momme 100% mulberry silk. It's the softest you've ever felt! The softness and comfort of our pillowcases helps you relax and ease into a deep rest so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day.

It's Easy to Wash Blissy Pillowcase

Blissy pillowcases are 100% machine washable. Just pop them in your laundry machine on the gentle or delicate cycle. We recommend purchasing our Blissy Mesh Wash Bags to help protect them from abrasion if washing with other items. We also make a pH-neutral liquid detergent just for your Blissywe recommend Blissy Wash to keep your Blissy looking brand new wash after wash.

Protect Your Pillow from Dust Mites

If you're looking for a silk pillow cover that's going to protect your pillow against dust mites, the Blissy Silk Pillowcase is the way to go. Conventional pillow covers do not protect your pillow the same way a Blissy silk pillow cover does, so you'll find that an investment in Blissy is also an investment in keeping your pillows fresh.

Our Customer Service Team Goes Above and Beyond

Customers are always noting our excellent customer service. We want to give you the best experience possible. So if you have any questions about Blissy's products or are experiencing an issue, please feel free to contact Blissy customer service and we'll be happy to assist.

Blissy Pillowcase Reviews: 12 Customers Share Their True Experience

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