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10 Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase for Sleep, Skin, and Hair
10 Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase for Sleep, Skin, and Hair

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Key takeaways:

  • Mulberry silk pillowcases can help prevent wrinkles and fine lines due to reduced friction.

  • Silk pillowcases can reduce acne and improve sensitive skin conditions like eczema.

  • Sleeping on silk can lead to healthier hair, reducing breakage and frizz.

  • Silk has thermoregulating properties, providing a comfortable sleep environment.

Let us make one thing clear: satin pillowcases are not real silk pillowcases, and not all silk pillowcases are mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is the finest quality silk recommended by beauty experts and cosmetic dermatology. Mulberry silk contains specific amino acids that offer natural resistance to reduce wrinkles and nourish your hair and skin.

Luxurious mulberry silk has many benefits and can make a huge difference in your beauty routine. But the health and beauty benefits of a silk pillowcase go beyond movie star skin and hair.

Here’s a peek at 10 benefits you get from sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

Top 10 Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase

1. Protecting delicate facial skin can prevent wrinkles

As it turns out, old-time movie stars probably did sleep on silk pillowcases and not just for the luxurious feel of it. Facial wrinkles and sleep creases on the cheeks count among the casualties of sleep.

Enter the silk pillowcase. As Dr. Marnie Nussbaum, an NYC-based board certified dermatologist pointed out in an Insider interview, silk pillowcases don’t pull on the skin the way cotton pillowcases do. Blame the pull on friction.

prevent wrinkles

If your hair has ever stuck to your pillowcase due to a crazy amount of static electricity, then you know this friction we speak about. Silk is smoother than cotton--even the highest-quality Egyptian cottongiving you more wrinkle-free skin after a good night’s sleep.

If you can prevent fine lines and prevent wrinkles with silk pillowcase benefits--that's nothing less than anti-aging magic. It's also one of the most beloved benefits of a silk pillowcase. 

2. A mulberry silk pillowcase helps with acne and sensitive skin

We need to talk about friction some more. If you have a problem with zits, cotton or polyester pillowcases are not your friends. This even includes a cotton pillowcase with a high thread count. They just can’t beat silks for fighting those pesky pimples.

The friction from an ordinary pillowcase inflames the skin. Inflammation flares up due to the friction from your pillowcase. This makes your acne go from bad to worse.

silk for acne prone skin

Less friction equals fewer pimples.

The ultra-smooth fabric of a mulberry silk pillowcases offers you a smooth surface to sleep on. This results in smoother skin. Think of your silk pillowcase as a zit remedy that you apply to your skin for 8 hours every night.

And let’s "face" it. Sleeping on a silky pillowcase beats a trip to the zit doctor any day of the week.

3. Silk has skin benefits for dry skin and is healing for skin conditions

For such a high-quality material, silk isn’t without its seemingly magical contradictions. Just as it’s great for oily, acne-prone skin, it's equally great for dry skin, too.

Silk’s smooth surface, tight weave, and low absorbency allow your skin to keep more of its natural oils. Same goes for the oils and moisturizers in your beauty creams.

silk eases eczema

Its naturally hypoallergenic qualities and soft texture also ease skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis.

Truly, sleeping on real silk pillowcases makes you look and feel like an A-list movie star every night. 

4. Sleeping on silk pillowcases equals better hair 

Remember what we said early about this special fabric? The reduced friction, the retention of natural oils? As it turns out, those two properties of real mulberry pillowcases help more than just your skin. Your hair loves, loves, loves silk fibers for that reason!

Because silk reduces friction and retains the oils in your hair, your hair breaks less often as you sleep. It also can prevent split-ends that cause your hair to look frizzy.

silk for better hair

And if you have Shirley Temple hair, you’ll definitely love the benefits of silk pillowcases. Silk fabrics baby your curls, leaving you with shiny bouncy curls instead of frizzy out-of-control spirals. Welcome to fewer bad hair days when you sleep on silk. This is one of the most fabulous benefits of a silk pillowcase.

5. A silk pillowcase has thermoregulating powers

You know, it’s one thing to fall asleep on an air mattress in a pool, surrounded by water. It’s another thing to wake up in a pool of water because you sweated out that 32-ounce Gatorade you consumed last night.

According to Well and Good, if you’ve ever woken up in a cold sweat after a dream, you’re not alone. Body temperature regulation and REM sleep are the nocturnal equivalent of walking and chewing gum at the same time. The human body is pretty klutzy when it tries to do those two activities together.

silk helps regulate body temperature

Your body stays cool when you drift off surrounded by silk. Its thermoregulating properties keep your body temp down, giving you a better and dryer night’s sleep.

When you sleep on silk, your skin cools down in the summer and warms up in the winter. You sleep better and more comfortably because of it.

6. A real silk pillowcase nurses a sunburn

Sunburns and scratchy cotton pillowcases and sheets don’t go very well together.

When your skin feels volcano-hot from a sunburn, the last thing you want is something rough and scratchy rubbing up against it.

silk for sunburn

You also don’t want your king-sized pillowcase’s hardware catching on your skin. Blissy’s pillowcases have a hidden zipper, and that’s not just for aesthetics. The hidden zipper in a Blissy Mulberry Silk Pillowcase never catches on your skin’s tender spots.

Take our word for it. A Blissy pillowcase’s thick 22-momme count and cooling properties offers one of the best sunburn remedies around. The benefits of a silk pillowcase are endless! 

7. A Silk pillowcase a day keeps dust mites away

Here’s a thing you totally don’t want to think about if you have allergies. A good portion of the allergens that stuff up your sniffer come from dust mite droppings.

Seriously, it’s one thing to get a little hay fever from grass pollen. It’s another thing altogether to get it from bug poop. Just ew.

Fortunately, silk fabric’s tight weave and natural protein fibroin make it inhospitable to allergens. Mold and mildew don’t find much of a home in silk, either.

dust mite on pillowcase

Unfortunately, you can’t say the same about your cotton pillowcases. Buggies of all sorts love ‘em. 

This bug-busting benefit of silk pillowcase is one of our favorite! Because we hate bugsespecially ones we can't seeliving off our bodies. 

Bottom line? Your nose, eyes, and skin will find refuge on your king-size pillow, not allergens, if you sleep on a real mulberry pillowcase.

8. Sleeping on Blissy silk fabrics means less chemical exposure

Sleeping on Blissy's OEKO-TEX certified mulberry silk minimizes your exposure to chemicals. Blissy sources its textiles only from the highest quality sources. The mulberry trees that play a critical role in Blissy silk production require very few chemicals in the growth process. This results in a much more chemical-free fabric.

chemical free nontoxic silk cocoons

Moreover, silk production requires less water and energy than other fiber types. It’s also biodegradable and renewable. If you care about eco-friendly products, that's just another one of the benefits of a silk pillowcase.

9. Just toss mulberry pillowcases into the wash to clean

This may not seem like a health and beauty benefits of silk pillowcase, but it is. The reason why boils down to your ability to control what kinds of chemicals (or not) go into your wash.

The fact that this fabric is machine washable should ease your mind. Particularly if you have sensitive skin. The main reason beingsome laundry detergent chemicals, like 1,4-Dioxane, have been shown to be carcinogenic.

silk is machine washable

If you’re the type who loves making your own laundry detergent or buying good-for-your-skin detergents, then you’ll take comfort in your machine-washed silk pillowcases. And not just because your special soap makes them smell nice.

When you need to wash your Blissy Silk Pillowcases, just toss them in the wash with their companion Blissy Wash on the delicate cycle. You'll get a clean, non-toxic sleep every night.

Further reading:

10. Silk pillowcases bring breathable fabric to your bed

Lexie Sachs, who heads up the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab, said that the fibers in silks work as temperature regulators. The moisture wicking properties of the fabric remove tiny sweat droplets away from the skin.

This leaves you with less moisture around your head and neck so you feel dry and comfortable as you sleep. Not sleeping in as much moisture allows for a deeper, more healing night’s sleep.

breathable silk bedding

And deep healing sleep counts among the best remedies for your overall health. As an article on the Harvard Medical Center website points out, conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity often go hand-in-hand with low sleep quality.

The Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase Are Too Many To Ignore

All in all, giving yourself movie star skin, hair, and health can be as easy as sleeping on a real silk pillowcase.

Try a Blissy Pillowcase today to look younger, healthier, and more vibrantone night’s sleep at a time.


10 Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase for Sleep, Skin, and Hair
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