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Blissy vs Lilysilk Review: What Are the Best Pillow Cases?
Blissy vs Lilysilk Review: What Are the Best Pillow Cases?


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Blissy vs Lilysilk Review: What Are the Best Pillow Cases?

No doubt you’ve heard about the benefits of sleeping on a, real silk pillowcase, and now, you think you’re ready to buy one. It’s an important decision. Which one you choose determines not only your sleeping comfort, but how you’ll look and feel in the morning.

To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve put together this comparison and review of the Blissy Silk Pillowcase and the Lilysilk Silk Pillowcase.

Mulberry Silk Pillowcases: Blissy vs Lilysilk at a Glance

When it comes to finding the best silk pillowcase, the proof lies in the proverbial pudding. Most consumers do some online comparison shopping before they buy anything.

They read reviews. They talk to friends. They try products out if they can.

Potential Blissy customers will likely do the same thing. And if you’ve landed on this page, we suspect you’re a comparison shopper.

That being the case, we've put together a comparison chart between Blissy and Lilysilk. It’s an at-a-glance comparison of Blissy and Lilysilk silk pillowcase brands.

Read on below the chart to find out what features like “momme,” “OEKO-TEX Certified®,” and “ease of care” actually mean.

We hope this knowledge empowers you to choose the best silk pillowcases for your home or as a gift.

Blissy vs Lilysilk Comparison Chart

blissy vs lilysilk

Best Pillow Cases: Materials and Quality


Blissy vs Lilysilk

Grade 6A mulberry silk is the highest quality silk on the market. Silk grading relies on both a lettering and numbering system. Silk that’s labeled 6A represents the highest grade of silk on the market. On the flip side, 1C would represent the lowest quality.

In the Blissy vs Lilysilk comparison chart, both brands boast high quality grade 6A 100% mulberry silk. No silk blends here.

Despite being ultra soft, grade 6A silk is surprisingly durable. Grade 6A mulberry silk is basically the Ferrari of silks.

silk material

Momme Weight

Blissy vs Lilysilk

Cotton fabric has a thread count to how many threads are woven in per square inch. Silk fabrics are not measured in thread counts. Instead, they have momme weights. Despite both being a way to measure the character of the material, it’s in no way an apple-to-apple comparison.

If you look at cotton fibers next to silk fibers under the microscope, you’d see quite a diameter difference between cotton and silk. Silk’s diameter measures much less than cotton’s. Therefore it makes it very difficult to count and so weighing a standard cut of silk fabric is much more practical.

Momme weight tells you the density and weight of a piece of silk fabric. If the momme weight measures on the high end, like 22 or 25, it means there are more threads woven in per 100 yards of fabric than than silk with a lower momme weight like 19.

silk coccoons

While a higher momme may mean the silk is heavier and more durable, it doesn't mean that it's always the most appropriate momme-weight for the product being made. Silk that's 25-momme weight fabric and higher is better suited for something like curtains—it’s usually too heavy to be considered suitable for bedding or clothing.

OEKO-TEX Certified®

Blissy vs Lilysilk

The OEKO-TEX® designation holds a lot of weight in the world of silk production. The Standard 100 certification tells consumers that a company’s silk products have passed a rigorous screening test.

Mulberry silk with Standard 100 label by OEKO-TEX contains no trace of contaminants or chemicals that could cause you harm. A European textile institute developed the standard, and the Standard 100 label by OEKO-TEX now enjoys global recognition.

Both Blissy and Lilysilk carry the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label. As a result, these brands are not only safer for you and your little ones, but also safer for the environment.

Best Silk Pillowcases: According to the Media


Blissy vs Lilysilk

Winning awards in your industry means your products have been professionally evaluated and recognized for their excellence and superiority. In the home goods market, few names carry the weight that Good Housekeeping and Modern Riviera do. Blissy has won multiple awards from Good Housekeeping including Best Bedding and Best Tested Products. Modern Riviera has bestowed the Best Beauty Sleep award to Blissy.

Lilysilk has not earned either of these awards.

Best Pillow Cases: Size, Color, Care

Blissy vs Lilysilk

You keep a number of different pillow sizes in your home. You may have a mix of king, queen, and standard pillows on your own bed while your children may have toddler, youth, or standard sizes in their beds.

Blissy carries the widest range of pillowcase sizes in toddler, youth, standard, queen, and king sizes. All colors and prints in the adult line are available in every adult size while all color and prints in the Blissy Junior line are available in every children's size. The colors and prints in the Blissy Junior line were so popular that they are even available in standard size so adults can enjoy them too!

Color selection

Blissy vs Lilysilk 

The colors you choose to decorate your personal spaces say a lot about you. Your spaces' color palette allows you to be creative and express yourself! And isn't selecting the color of your home décor the most fun part, after all?

range of silk colors

Blissy’s pillowcases come in 44 colors and prints (with several new ones being released every season). This cornucopia of color allows you to personalize your space with the rich vibrancy of silk in just about any color you choose. Whatever your favorite color is, Blissy probably has it. They even have 3 different types of tie-dye. Fun!

Ease of care

Blissy vs Lilysilk 

Ease of care is a huge deciding factor for many people in the materials they choose for both home décor and clothing. Some folks don't mind the extra time it takes to drop off and pick up at the dry cleaner. Or the extra time it takes to hand wash something. For others, the thought of adding one more chore on top of laundry is unthinkable.

Most silk pillowcases recommend that you hand wash your silks or even dry clean them. But you can machine wash silk pillowcases from Blissy—they do great in the wash. You just need a mesh laundry bag to give your pillowcases a bit of protection while it’s in the wash. No professional dry cleaning necessary!

Hand washing Blissy is perfectly acceptable too if you don't have time to do a full load and just want to give them a quick swish in the sink followed by air drying. Whether you're hand washing or machine washing, we recommend Blissy Wash Luxury Delicate Detergent to keep your silks looking shiny and new.

laundry machine

And more good news: although air drying is recommended, you can put Blissy in the dryer as long as you follow the care instructions. So, go ahead. Toss it in the dry and then go watch another I Love Lucy rerun or listen to an audiobook. Or whatever. The point is, Blissy makes it easy for you to care for your silk belongings and then get on with your life.

Lilysilk recommends professional dry cleaning for their silk pillowcases. Otherwise, hand washing is the best option. 

Blissy's ease of care speaks to its superior durability and quality.

The Best Pillow Cases: Buying Experience

Guarantee / Returns

Blissy vs Lilysilk 

Both Blissy and Lilysilk offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to shop with confidence.

Delivery / Shipping

Blissy vs Lilysilk 

Blissy offers free SAME DAY shipping on all purchases (for orders placed before 12pm, otherwise, get it the next day). Whether your order is $20 or $200, the shipping cost runs the same: zero.

Lilysilk offers free shipping on orders over $40 and shipping takes about 2-6 business days. Who wants to wait 2-6 days for anything? For orders under $40, customers pay a $10 shipping fee.

Most orders will probably end up being over $40, but sometimes you just want to order 1 face mask. It's nice that Blissy offers this extra courtesy—showing how much we truly value our customers.

delivery of best pillow cases


Blissy vs Lilysilk 

It’s probably safe to say that getting a the best affordable silk pillowcase is one of the reasons you’re doing some comparison shopping for your next silk pillowcase.

At Blissy, our queen size pillowcases typically run $74.96, while Lilysilk’s average about $59.00.

However, there are some more factors to consider. The prices on Lilysilk’s pillowcases vary from style to style. That is, while many of their queen size pillowcases run less than $60, not all of their pillowcases are priced the same.

Additionally, Blissy regularly offers deep discounts. You just have to watch for the discounts to roll out to save even more on a quality mulberry silk pillowcase.

Although Lilysilk tends to run cheaper, we recommend looking at the overall value of the product and customer experience. You are certainly likely to pay less for a product that isn't as good quality and doesn't have as strong of a buying experience.    

price of best pillow cases

Overall Value: Blissy

Best quality and customer experience 

We might be a little biased, but we think Blissy wins! As a brand, we offer our customers the highest quality silk pillowcases at reasonable prices. They come with a money-back guarantee and ship free to your door the very same day you order them—every time!

More eco-friendly

Blissy pillowcases are handmade, and stand up to a strict safety standard as certified by OEKO-TEX, and are easier to care for due to being more durable. They're award-winning for their style, design, durability, and benefits for skin, sleep and hair.

blissy pillowcase

More social and media buzz

They've been talked about all through the media including Oprah Daily, Allure, Byrdie, and more. And customers love Blissy products and the Blissy buying experience so much, that 90,000 people have felt the need to take time out of their day to write a 5-star review.

Blissy additional features

Some extra features that Blissy offers is that it comes with a zipper closure which gives your pillowcase a neater look and smoother surface on both sides of your pillow when you slip it on. The silk is resistant to dust mites, which is reassuring, and has an amazingly smooth texture. The Blissy logo is embroidered in the upper left corner so you know you're getting the authentic product straight from the company store and not a polyester satin imitation off of Amazon.

blissy best pillow cases

Blissy's beauty benefits are unrivaled—anyone who cares about their skin and hair and wants a better night's sleep will choose Blissy.

Choose the best pillow cases from Blissy

So if you want a pure mulberry silk pillowcase that you know is going to check all the boxes for natural silk pillowcase standards, will be available not only in your favorite color but tons of fun prints, and will leave other silk pillowcases in the dust—choose Blissy. Blissy is the best silk pillowcase there is. If you're ready to leave your cotton pillowcase behind and join the silk pillowcase revolution, Blissy is the ultimate choice!


Blissy vs Lilysilk Review: What Are the Best Pillow Cases?

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