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Magical Holiday Hair Accessories to Add a Little Sparkle to Your Day
Magical Holiday Hair Accessories to Add a Little Sparkle to Your Day

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With the busy holidays upon us, it's crucial to take a moment to take a deep breath and focus on giving ourselves a little bit of needed attention. Sometimes, something simple like a new hair accessory can really brighten our moods. We feel our best when we look our best and nothing's better than Blissy's luxuriously rich, 100% mulberry silk hair accessories.

A Holiday Hair Warning

During the cold winter months of the holiday season, hair often suffers more environmental damage than usual. Hair is more likely to be exposed to moisture-zapping indoor heating and frizz inducing dry weather static. Those with curly, brittle, or coarse textured hair should be especially careful to maintain as much moisture in the hair as possible.

your hair will love blissy products

No Cheap Plastic Hair Clips Here!

Everyone needs to be aware that many of the elastics and clips available on the market may actually be harmful to hair. Friction damage caused by hair elastics rips hair, causing breakage and annoying flyaways.

Flashy, decorative hair clips can crease hair, destroying the look of a new salon blowout or expensive keratin treatment. So when it comes to what accessories you put in your hair, be careful.

Let your holiday hair shine and sparkle with easy-to-wear, high-end silk accessories that'll actually improve the health of your hair, not damage it.

7 Holiday Hair Accessories for Any Holiday Outfit

1) Blissy's Headpiece in Silver

holiday headband

Listen, this headband is a major game-changer. Crafted using the highest quality mulberry silk in pristine silver, this hair accessory makes a statement while never saying too much. Although this style is often imitated by other brands in satin or polyester, nothing beats the real stuff, baby.

Want to know another secret? This headband can be worn to hide dirty hair. Real talk: during the hectic holiday season you don't always have time for a full hair wash cycle between traveling and activities. This glamorous knotted headband literally has you (and your hair) covered!


2) Blissy's Classic Scrunchie in Taupe

photo of holiday hair style

Neutral tones like taupe and khaki have become very chic in the fashion world lately. Nude is in and we're here for it. This is a minimal sleek, high-fashion hair accessory you'll be able to wear year-round. Oh-la-la, she's versatile!


3) Blissy's Hair Ribbon in Rose Gold

holiday hair bow

And now for something completely different! This one-of-a-kind silk hair ribbon takes holiday hair styling in a completely unique direction...

Imagine, an ultra-feminine accessory that can be worn as a headband to show off gorgeous loose locks in the morning, then wrapped around a chignon and tied into a bow for an evening event later. The variety of ways this hair ribbon can be worn means you can pack less in your suitcase and be good to go. It's hard to not love an accessory that can do so many things!


4) Blissy's Classic Scrunchie in Red

holiday hair styling

Nothing evokes festive holiday cheer like the color red. This pop of sensuous color has the ability to elevate holiday ponytails worn in all styles: low and loose or high and tight. Only have a few minutes to get ready for that holiday party? Just pull one on for instant cheerful vibes.


5) Blissy's Skinny Scrunchies in Emerald

shine in emerald for the holidays

Emerald is a refined jewel tone that pairs gorgeously with a black velvet dress or garment. It's a luxurious color that evokes vampy old Hollywood glamour. Long romantic braids have been popular lately and these skinny scrunchies are the perfect way to secure your hair without causing friction damage.


6) Blissy's Oversized Scrunchie in White

shop white to complement your winter look

It'd be hard to find an item as fun or easy to wear as this oversized silk scrunchie. Haute couture designers are constantly bringing elements of kitsch and whimsy into their collections and this scrunchie is the epitome of that spirit.

Rich white silk has the ability to elevate grandma buns and low ponytails, bringing the drama to even the simplest hairstyles.

Holiday parties are the perfect opportunity to show off fun fashion looks and a bold accessory like this will definitely pop in all your photos.


7) Blissy's Skinny Scrunchie in Azure

styling a blissy brand scrunchie


This shade of blue just screams "Winter Wonderland!" (Or maybe it just whispers it softly in your ear.) The awesome thing about Azure is that it is a wonderful color to represent winter holidays and it's fit to wear year-round. 

The article "How Blue and White Became the Colors of Hanukkah" published in Time explains the history of how those two colors became linked with Jewish American Hanukkah celebrations. Beyond the blue and white colors of the Israeli flag, these two colors contain religious significance.

Not sure exactly how you want to style your hair? Make sure to keep a couple of Azure skinny scrunchies on your wrist so that you'll always have something on hand to pull back your hair.


Having trouble choosing just one?

Or curious about experimenting with different hairstyles? Blissy's 9-Piece Scrunchie Set has got you covered with 9 scrunchies in a variety of colors and three sizes. This set is special because it's the only place you'll find Blissy's adorable mini skinny scrunchies which are absolutely perfect for elegant half-up holiday hairstyles.

Holiday Hair Accessories That'll Work Year Round

Don't waste your hard-earned money on cheap novelty seasonal hair accessories you might only wear once. Investing in high-quality silk hair accessories that you'll continue to use year-round is a much better idea for your wallet and for the environment.

Silk is one of the strongest fabrics out there, which means you'll be able to enjoy these silk hair accessories for a very long time.

We know that you've spent a lot of time and energy finding the right gifts for your friends and family. It's time to go ahead and treat yourself to something special too. You and your hair deserve the very best this holiday season!

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