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Valentine's Day Gift Wrap: How to Present Gifts & Add a Personal Touch
Valentine's Day Gift Wrap: How to Present Gifts & Add a Personal Touch

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It's almost Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year. You've found some amazing gifts and are so excited to romance your partner—the last thing you want to do is ruin the gift exchange with a bad presentation.

Sure, your partner will love your gift (and you, of course), even if you don't personally wrap and nicely present their Valentine's Day gift.

valentine's day gift wrapping materials

But, why not impress and woo them some more by going the extra mile!?

There's something special about opening a Valentine's Day gift beautifully adorned. Lovely wrapping paper, bows, creative accents, personal touches, and a heartfelt note are all ways to make it special!

Pro Wrapping Tip: Show them how much you care by paying attention to the details!

cloth wrapping ideas for valentines

Also, don't forget—remember to shop for your kids, mom, and other loved ones, too, for Valentine's Day. Find them all the perfect Valentine's Day gift, take the time to wrap it, and present it well. You'll make them all feel special and so loved!

Why not spread love to everyone on this special occasion?

Read on to discover creative Valentine's day gift-wrap ideas and gift-wrapping essentials. Also, how to add a personal touch to your gift and the best ways to present your gifts.

Gift Wrapping Essentials

valentines gift wrapping collection

One of the most important steps in perfecting your Valentine's Day gift wrap is choosing the wrapping paper and ribbon.

Don't use just any old party supplies. Use high-quality wrapping paper, like shiny foil or heavyweight paper.

Next, choose a theme for your Valentine's day gift wrap!

valentines party gift

Want to do a Valentine's Day theme? Choose colors and patterns that complement it. Look for different hues of red, pink, and white, and/or patterns with designs like hearts, polka dots, or flowers.

You could also base the theme on your loved one's interests. Do they love dogs? Then use the most adorable puppy wrapping paper you can find! A fan of purple? Try wrapping their presents in various shades of purple topped with ribbons and bows.

gift wrapping note

Is your loved one eco-conscious? Make sure to use sustainable wrapping materials, like biodegradable and recyclable cardstock. Try not use any plastic. Instead of using gift tags, you can attach a wooden letter or monogram, and decorate the gift with plant and herb clippings from the garden. Write them a card on seed paper, which will sprout flowers, herbs, or veggies when planted!

Pro Gifting Tip: Want to give an eco-friendly, beautifully packaged, thoughtful, romantic, and luxe Valentine's Day gift? Give a Blissy Silk Pillowcase!

Creative Valentine's Day Gift Wrap Ideas

valntines gift wrapping pink

Here are some unique and creative ideas to get you inspired:

  • Gather a collection of beautiful flowers and press them inside a book. Once properly dried, you can attach the pressed flowers to the outside of your wrapped gift.
  • Tie the ribbon of your choice around the gift and use it to adorn the top with another small present! What's better than receiving two gifts in one?
  • Order custom wrapping paper! You can do fun designs featuring you, your loved one(s), or their pet on them. Or, create your own pattern!
  • Use a silk ribbon that doubles as a romantic and luxurious gift. Wrap your gift with a Blissy Hair Ribbon!
  • You can also decorate your Valentine's Day gift with cute bows that she will actually wear in her hair.

pink hair ribbon blissy

Pro Gift Ideas: Need extra help wowing your gift recipient? Here are more unique ideas that'll impress even people who have everything!

Adding a Special Touch

A personal touch will make your loved one feel extra special.

One way you can do this is by attaching a handwritten, heartfelt note or card. Make sure to write your note on either a fancy card (Etsy has tons of beautiful options) or paper that looks good and will last, like parchment or linen paper.

valtines day party supplies and stationary

You can also decorate your Valentine's Day gift with handmade accents. Attach some crocheted or paper-cutout hearts, and a cute photo of you and your partner. Or, of a favorite place you've traveled to together. (The photos can also double as gift tags!)

Don't forget to give your mom a heartfelt gift and note this Valentine's Day!

Presenting Your Valentine's Day Gift

valtines day party with wine

One of the simplest yet still aesthetic ways to present your gifts is by putting them in elegant gift bags with decorative tissue paper.

Want to get extra fancy? Present your gifts in a wooden box/crate or gift basket.
Is your partner a lover of all things boho? Present her Valentine's Day gift in a large, colorful, handwoven basket!

Pro Gift Idea: Need the perfect Valentine's Day couple's gift? Shop for luxurious, his and hers silk pillowcases!

Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping Made Easy

valentines gift wrapping ideas

So, how will you perfect your Valentine's Day gift wrapping?

With all these tips and ideas, you'll have no problem creating the most beautiful Valentine's day gift wrap ever seen!

But—if you're running short on time this Valentine's Day, you can still give a beautifully presented gift easily with Blissy!


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